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Polar Bear MCC Requirements

There must be a Tour & Activity Plan on file and permission must be secured for the location prior to the campout. Be sure to follow by the below guidelines:

1. Hike at least 1/2 mile to your campsite carrying all food and equipment (properly packed) to be used for the entire period of the campout.

2. Help set up camp and stay overnight out‐of‐doors for a minimum of 18 hours in the camp. Two‐man tents or improvised shelters are acceptable. NO interior heating of any kind involving open flame, charcoal, or gasoline fuel is allowed.

3. Prepare a menu suited to cold weather. Purchase and pack food, then prepare and cook according to the menu for two or more meals.

For this challenge, Patrol camping is encouraged. The Patrol leaders’ council should make sure every Scout will “Be Prepared” with proper clothing, equipment, food and basic Scouting skills like first aid, proper use of an axe, etc. All campsites should be le in the same or better condition than it was found in. Any garbage must be properly taken care of.

Once your Troop, Crew or Post has completed the Polar Bear challenge, Patches can be purchased at any Scout Shop.

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