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Friends Of Scouting

Friends Of Scouting

During a Court of Honor, there was a very good presentation on Friends of Scouting. FoS is the best way each one of us can easily ensure our Great Lakes Field Service Council remains strong and continues its history of great programs, excellent camps, and extensive support for Scouting all throughout southeast Michigan. In case you didn’t know, the Great Lakes FSC serves 25,195 youth members with more than 9,731 adult volunteers in 3 southeast counties (Oakland, Wayne and Macomb). We are part of a large and vibrant Scouting Council! If you would like to see more information on FoS, there is a little information here: Support Scouting at

Like myself, if you were not able to attend the FoS presentation or haven’t made a contribution yet, there are several options to correct this “miss”.
Rember, we are part of the Sunset District and be sure to put in Troop 1537 so we get the recognition for all donations.

1) The easiest is to use this FoS Online and make an online donation.

2) If you prefer, you can send in your contribution through the mail….follow this link for the form and address: FoS Form or there are contribution forms in the scout room downstairs at the Church.

As a growing troop (over 100 scouts on our roster currently!) we definitely expect to surpass our total amount from last year with everyone sending in their contributions over the next few days. Our target is to have 100% participation from every Scout family in our Friends of Scouting effort. Thanks for your action on this and for your involvement to keep BSA strong in SE Michigan for your scout.

Committee Chair
Troop 1537


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