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Cole Canoe Base Summer Camp Q&A


I’m not sure what you mean by prerequisites? For example, my son has chosen Orienteering as one of his camp activities.  I printed out the requirements for this badge but it doesn’t have anything about prerequisites.  Where do I find these?


Great question.

Cole Canoe Base provides a prerequisite list for the merit badges they offer.  The list can be found at the link below.

Not all activities for a merit badge can be completed at Summer Camp.  So, they publish a list of prerequisites that can be completed before Summer camp.

You need the current merit badge worksheet.  For orienteering they listed items 7, 8 and 9.  If possible, these activities should be completed before visiting summer camp.  If you get the pre-reqs out of the way your scout will be able to get the Merit Badge while at summer camp.  When completing pre-requisites please make sure the scouting activity is documented. You can bring the merit badge workbook, any event documentation and/or photos to Summer Camp.  The merit badge coordinator will be able to sign off on the requirements with this documentation.

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