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Parent Coordinator


  • Assign every parent to help with a specific task, assignment, or project annually.
  • Orient parents on how the unit works and the benefits to their family.
  • Keep parents updated on the unit’s program and their child’s involvement.

The goals of these responsibilities are to:

  • Develop and implement methods which encourage and empower Scouting participants to help maximize the number of dedicated Scouting youth and parents and mentors as dedicated Scouting volunteers who participate with their Scouts.
  • Leads their family in obtaining the values, benefits, experiences and rewards from their family’s Scouting participation, and in sharing these with others.
  • Enjoys participating with his or her Scout and inspires their child to persevere in Scouting with their tenure, activity participation and achievement.
  • Helps enhance youth and parent-mentor recruitment, retention, enthusiasm, commitment and participation in the passionate GREAT Family FUN of Scouting.

Troop 1537 Responsibilities:

  • During crossover, meet with the new parents and discuss their new roles and guide them to help their scouts.
  • Encourage them to get active and participate with their scouts.
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